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Privilege entry Visa (PE)

Thailand Elite Visa

The Thailand Elite Visa falls under the Tourist Visa category (Privilege Entry Visa “PE”) and offers numerous benefits and services for its members. Members can choose from packages based on their preferences and needs. Becoming a Thailand Elite member is simple, quick and confers many advantages.

What you need to know about PE Visa?

Thai Elite Visa is a 5 years and maximum 20 years renewable multiple entry visa with an extendable 1 year length of stay per each entry.
Thailand Elite Visa holder can have an uninterrupted stay in Thailand without the usual need to leave the country like their home.

What is the maximum lenght of Elite Visa?

The maximum length of the Elite Visa is 20 years. You can avail it for minimum 5 years. In case your membership is more than 5 years or your passport will expire less than 5 years after the visa is granted, don’t worry you will receive free renewal until your Thailand Elite membership expire. Yes, your visa is linked to your membership expiry date.

Where can I get a Thailand Elite Visa?

Upon becoming a member and receiving your Thailand Elite member ID, obtaining your Thailand Elite Visa is a seamless process.
Simply submit a request to our esteemed member services and within 5 working days your Thailand Elite Visa will be issued. Our efficient and professional team ensures a prompt and hassle-free experience, allowing you to embark on your Thai adventure without delay.

Where will my Thailand Elite Visa be delivered?

Your Thailand Elite visa will be affixed on your passport (minimum 3 left pages are necessary) at Airports (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi or Phuket Airport) on arrival from international flight
Immigration at Bangkok Chaeng Wattana
Royal Thai Consulate in your country of residence

Your Thailand Elite visa will be elegantly affixed to your passport, granting you exclusive privileges. The visa can be obtained at;

  • Airports (Upon arrival from an international flight at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi or Phuket Airport.)
  • Bangkok Chaeng Wattana Immigration (For those already in Thailand or arriving by other means.)
  • Royal Thai Consulate (In your country of residence before your travel.)

Our meticulous team ensures a seamless and sophisticated process, making your Thai journey extraordinary from the moment your visa graces your passport.

What are the duties of PE Visa Holders?

After being granted your Thailand Elite visa (PE), there are simplified duties to fulfill. Our team is here to guide and support you in meeting these obligations for a seamless experience as a responsible member.

1. Address Reporting Requirement: All foreigners residing in Thailand, including Thailand Elite Visa holders, must report their address every 90 days if their stay exceeds this duration.

2. Resetting the Reporting Period: Each time you leave Thailand and re-enter, the 90-day reporting period starts afresh.

3. Assistance from Thailand Elite Staff: Thailand Elite staff are available to assist with address reporting in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, making the process more convenient for members.

4. Reporting Options: Address reporting can be done through various channels including online, by mail or in person at the nearest immigration office.

5. Compliance is Essential: Adhering to the address reporting requirement is crucial for maintaining compliance with Thai immigration regulations.

Remember to fulfill the 90 Days Reporting (TM47) obligation as a Thailand Elite Visa holder to ensure a smooth and compliant stay in Thailand.

Annual Visa extension

Despite your Thailand Elite visa validity is 5 years, it allows to stay in Thailand for a maximum of 1 year per stay. If you don’t plan to travel outside Thailand during a full year, you can contact the member service which will send you a letter to extend your stay for another year. It’s straight forward with just a form to fill, the letter from member service and your passport.

Can I work with a Thailand Elite Visa?

To legally work in Thailand, you must obtain a work permit. It’s not possible to obtain a work permit with a PE Visa, unless you qualify for Flexible Plus program which allows certain Thailand Elite members to convert their PE Visa to a Non-immigrant visa and obtain a work permit.

If your business is oversea and your income are earned from oversea, you can hold a Thailand Elite Visa. With a Thailand Elite Visa, PE Visa, you can be a shareholder of Thai registered company and even be a director, but you cannot be active in this role.

Consult with us for specific answer based on your situation.

Thailand Elite Visa Requirements

To apply to Thailand Elite, the applicant must have the following qualifications:

* Holder of a foreign passport from an accepted country with at least 3 empty pages and a minimum validity of 1 year.

* Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws, which means the applicant has no overstay record in Thailand

* No age limit is required for this program apart from the Elite Ultimate Privilege (Grand Package) which requires to be at least 20 years old

* Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offense committed to negligence

* Not having been adjudicated bankrupt

* Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence or quasi-incompetence

Once your application is approved by immigration (typically 4 weeks) and payment is made, you officially become a Thailand Elite member. The Thailand Elite (PE) Visa is exclusively granted to qualified individuals. Visit the “How to Appy for Elite Visa” page for detailed guidance on joining this distinguished community. Embrace extraordinary experiences and unparalleled benefits as a privileged member of Thailand Elite.


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